Kool Energy- Mobile Inverter Trolley - 1KW- 50Ah Lithium Battery
Kool Energy- Mobile Inverter Trolley - 1KW- 50Ah Lithium Battery

Kool Energy- Mobile Inverter Trolley - 1KW- 50Ah Lithium Battery

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The best portable plug and play inverter
This plug and play inverter is easily transported to where ever you need it and its compact size makes it easy to store away when not in use.

Its plug-and-play ability makes it the perfect companion during load shedding and it will run your essential loads. This unit does not need to be installed so you won’t have to spend on solar installations which makes it even more cost-effective.

Pure Sinewave for Sensitive Electronics & Motorised Loads
Microprocessor Control Optimizes Reliability
Input Power Factor Correction
Output Power Factor 1.0
Comprehensive Display Allows Easy Monitoring & Access of UPS Status
Built-in MPPT solar charger
2 x USB 5 V DC output and 2 x 12 V DC output
Battery cut off switch for safety
Pre-installed batteries

Rated Power: 1000 W
Output Voltage: 220 VAC
Output Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave

Ac Input:
Mains Charging Current: 15A-20A
Input Voltage Range: 145-275V
Input Frequency: 45-65Hz

Ac Output:
Output Voltage: 230VAC
Output Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output Wave: Pure Sine Wave
Specification of Built-in LifePO4 Battery: 2000 times D.O.B 80%; 8S1P; Standard discharge
current 50A
LifePO4 Battery Capacity; 25.6V-50AH(1280WH)

Solar Input:
Max. PV Power: 820W
Range Of Changing Voltage: 35100VDC
Rated Charge Current: 30A(MPPT)
Voltage for Floating Charge: 28.4VDC

DC Output:
Low Voltage Recovery Voltage: 26.8VDC
Low Voltage Protection Voltage: 22.4VDC
5VDC USB Output: 2 pieces USB2.0 5VDC2.4A(Max)
12VDC Output Ports: 2 pieces MAX 2A

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